Freitag, 15.05.20

New FES SOE Publication: Political Trends & Dynamics Special Edition

The COVID-19 pandemic has paved its path as a turning point in global politics, with the full scope and depth of consequences still unknown. Even though the initial anxiety and containment measures are becoming more moderate on one hand, on the other, the political dynamics around the crisis only now are increasing. Yet, many of the uncertainties and concerns among the societies and “ordinary” people remain side-cast.

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Notwithstanding the relevance of analyzing how the crisis continues to evolve in Southeast Europe, in this special edition of Political Trends and Dynamics, we will be stepping aside from the analytical overviews and expert insights, and focus on experiences and stories from the communities.

From activists and lawyers, doctors and union organizers, this PTD edition paints a portrait of individual regions grappling with the pandemic. Instead of clean-cut overviews and defined conclusions from these stories, what matters are the stories themselves. They bring our collective attention towards emerging struggles for social justice and equality in the post-pandemic region.

Download Publication: here

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